Prague-based AskFilm is in production on Buried, an American and international documentary that follows the investigators tracking down loot stolen from Jewish communities during WWII to an incredible discovery in Russia. Starting from digs in the village of Stechovice, through fields forests, the files of the StB – the former secret police – the law courts, the halls of Czech government ministries and national galleries, these real-life Monuments Men demand answers.

Our anti-heroes finally bring back a find that electrifies the Hungarian Jewish community – and are on track to spread the recovered treasure to the world. But is justice ever possible after all that’s been stolen?

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Torah healing powers: Comfort for families of the fallen

Following an intense week of memorial observances in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the Torahs team took the story to Los Angeles for a night at the Wiesenthal Center with the family of Max Steinberg, the Californian who sacrificed his life serving with the Israeli Defense Forces in 2014. Yad Labanim, the primary Israeli organization for … Continue reading Torah healing powers: Comfort for families of the fallen

Why I’m doing this…

A troubled helmer walks purposefully through Scottsdale – or so it may seem from a new clip requested by the One World human rights docu fest in Prague. They require purpose statements in visual media from directors – good idea, right? We’re shooting to get into the prestigious Project Market – wish us luck!

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